Articles by Hazel Victoria Campbell

  1. MVC and Friends Slides

    Model-View-Controller, or MVC, is an architectural pattern: a plan for breaking graphical user interface code into bite-sized pieces. However, what is MVC? Many people who use MVC use it in radically different ways. Depending on whom you ask, one developer's idea of MVC may be practically unrecognizable to another. This …

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  2. Port Triggering with Linux nftables

    In order to improve networking on consoles, primarily the Nintendo Switch, while using an Ubuntu Linux-powered box as a home router, I came up with the following solution. It uses Linux's nftables to produce a port-triggering effect and earn's the Nintendo's top NAT score of "A" without any extra or …

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  3. Debugging Dovecot's Managesieve

    I was trying to figure out why my sieve filters weren't being enabled from the mail client I use, KMail, which has managesieve protocol support. The Dovecot documentation has a troubleshooting section for managesieve here, but it isn't really clear. There is a small suggestion that "you can use Dovecot's …

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